Life Changing Crypto Wealth

Wincoins is the new CRYPTO game on the block – where you can test your bidding skills in auctions and win fantastic prizes, including a WHOLE BITCOIN!



When testing your skills at this game, all you need to remember is that the highest unique bid wins.

Here’s an example of how to make your bid/s for a prize of 1 Bitcoin

  • 1. Go to the auction and decide what you want to bid. You won’t be able to see the other people’s bids. And they won’t be able to see your bid.
  • 2. Make your bid, e.g. 9.37€. If nobody else has bid 9.37€ your bid stands as unique. If somebody else has already bid 9.37€ then you will be notified that your bid is a duplicate, or a ‘burn bid’.
  • 3. If you make a ‘burn bid’, you can bid again as many times as you like.
  • 4. What you want to achieve is ‘the HIGHEST UNIQUE bid’ to win. If other players haven’t made a higher unique bid, your Username will appear at the No.1 position.
  • 5. It is not like an auction in which you have to keep bidding higher to win. If nobody makes the same bid as you during the duration of the auction, your bid stays valid.
  • 6. You will be able to see the position of your bid during the auction. If your unique bid is sitting at No. 10 position, you may want to make other bids if you want to aim for the winning No.1 spot.
  • 7. Each auction lasts for an unspecified length of time. A countdown clock will notify players when the bidding is about to be closed.


If your company owns an altcoin which is trading on an approved token exchange, click here to apply to list your altcoin on the WinCoins platform